Iam a leader in Personal Training and I come with a strong education and professionalism, I am offering 8 years of experience and I have been recommended by many. I am passionate about helping my clients achieve their fitness goals and help them lead a healthy lifestyle. I also specialize in offering online fitness program.

8 years ago I was a passionate amateur soccer player until one day I got an injury to my leg that caused me to not play soccer for 1 year, also the constant jokes to me for being an extremely thin guy made me take the decision of entering for the first time a gym and the world of fitness, was the best decision of my life and since that day I dedicate myself to helping people achieve their goals, I know how it feels to be discriminated against by an aesthetic condition for being fat or thin

My strength: For years I have worked hard to become a personal trainer motivator, I have learned a lot how to psychologically manage my clients and keep them motivated outside and inside my gym

My weakness: I achieve a special friendship with my clients what makes me have sentimental consequences when they for some reason must leave

My classes: I try to make my classes fun but at the same time strictly hard adapted to the physical condition